Thursday, 30 December 2010

Love and Other Drugs

 Sushi day!
T loves raw fish. I'm a fan as long as I can sit and read my book in peace ;)
I'm a huge fan of the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Another blogger had a holiday reading list on her site and this book was one of her top 10 (along w. the American Wife that I picked up). The book touches on a sore subject but overall is a pretty enjoyable light read.
T putting the finishing touches on all our plates. He's such a stickler for presentation. I must work on my patience. Just gimme da food!!
Salmon, seabream, tuna, scallops, seabass. lots o fresh fish from Steve Hatt Fishmonger.
Salmon maki with spicy scallop on the inside
Spicy tuna with panko crunch and trout roe
Kamikaze roll with tuna, salmon, seabream, seabass, pumpkin seeds, and a whole bunch of other schtuff. Everything was delicious and very filling. I tried desperately to stay awake but not even a good book could stop my eyes from shutting from time to time.

I dragged my mom and T to go see Love and Other Drugs this evening. I've been waiting for this movie to come out in the UK for a long time! It was cute, romantic, cheesy, predictable, sappy... and right up my alley! :o)
Side note to anyone who didn't know but now you know: There are lots of sex scenes in this movie!!
Dinner was leftovers
Poor momma! She's been doing all the cleaning ever since she got here and now she's doing the cooking. I've been so lazy with the house chores. I swear I maintain the house better than this!!
Kale and onion sautee. Delish and healthy!
Not so healthy fried chicken and lamb
We also had some unpictured ramen noodles because my dad had a hankering for them.
Mac n. cheese and mashed potaters. We also watched another episode of Top Chef All-Stars. So disappointed that my girl Jen left the show. She was a bad ass chef. Booo!!!

Time to hit the hay- I've got a major case of the droopy eyes!!

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  1. man i can't believe i missed out on the sushi