Thursday, 30 December 2010

What has us both so captivated? Patiently waiting for our food to arrive!
Ma po tofu, green chicken curry, and bok choy in garlic sauce.
Beef randang with pineapple chicken fried rice.
Wasabi prawns- the prawns were plump and juicy smothered in wasabi mayo. Yes please!
Everything was delicious but since it was a stop on our way to our final destination, I don't think we will make a repeat visit
My dad really wanted to see the Freud museum. Freud lived here 1938-1939. There were no pictures allowed inside but we were able to take some outside pictures
I loved these little circular signs that tell you who famous lived in these London homes.
Dinner @ Cafe Des Amis.
Scallop appetizer with a sort of basil pico de gallo.
My dish- crabmeat risotto with parmesan shavings. It was warm, satisfying, and tasty!
V's dish of Seabream with olive tapenade. It was pretty good but the fish itself could have been prepared a bit better. I like my fish crispy on the outside yet still flaky on the inside :)
A's dish of tuna steak w. sweet potato and tomato relish. The tuna steak was bland so a lot of salt was needed. tsk tsk! Underseasoning is a big no no on Top Chef.
 The vegetable accompaniment was lovely though!
All together now!
Hi pretty ladies!

Did you save room for dessert?
warm chocolate cake with black pepper ice cream. Standard chocolate dessert and the ice cream really just tasted like regular vanilla to me.
I love the presentation of the sorbet in the martini glass. Very claaassy.
Raspberry sorbet with strawberries in syrup and basil flakes. I think the restaurant is in love with basil but that's alright because so am I!

After dinner, the ladies and I went out for a bit of salsa dancing
Aside from a few creepers who I believe come to the club to grope women (uhm no thanks!), we had a lot of fun.

Choco fix for my poor aching feet. Hey it's an excuse in my book!

Veg time.

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