Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Virgin Wines

When I was younger, I always wanted to belong to one of those wine clubs where you get wine delivered to you every so often. Enter into the picture: Virgin Wines.
We're sure getting a lot of deliveries these days...
Have I died and gone to Wine Heaven? Someone pinch me.....but NOT too hard! ;)
Wine-O's beware.. it's all MINE!!! Oh and T's.. I guess. :o)
They even include a binder in the shipment along with a card for each wine and a space to write one's own notes re: taste, smell, etc.

After my workout today, I stopped by Chapel Market to pick up some fruits. So much cheaper than buying it in the grocery stores.
I bought all that for £3.20! See! I knew I could bargain shop.

 Having a cold makes me crave warm soups.
with lots of additional spices. What is wrong w. me?! I swear I was born w. a chili pepper in my mouth.
Salad ingredients:
  • romaine lettuce
  • spinach
  • avocados
  • red onions (pre sliced for the lazy cook)
  • chicken breast (oven roasted w. evoo, salt, and peppa)
  • siracha 
  • ranch
Soup w. lots of winter veggies which I guess are corn, carrots, peas, and potatos.

Snack: green tea w. green monster muffin from this morning
Where has the afternoon flown by? I haven't done any studying and it's already 5 p.m. Job or not, time really does whizz by!

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