Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Parlez-vous français?

My french lesson was a mess today. I'm currently learning from a skype tutor who lives in Virginia. I must have butchered every other word.

Example dialogue:
tu aimes la cravate de Jean? Do you like Jean’s tie?
oui, mais je préfère cette cravate-là / yes but I prefer this tie

Les étudiants aiment les livres d’histoire? Oui, mais ils préfèrent ces livres-là
Tu aimes l’anorak de David? Oui, mais je préfère cet anorak-là
Germaine aime le chapeau de Colette? Oui, mais elle préfère ce chapeau-là
Ta copine et toi, vous aimez les bijoux de Mme Deschamps? Oui, mais nous préfèrons ces bijoux- là
Les voisins aiment leur appartement? Oui, mais ils préfèrent cet appartement-là
tu aimes les quatiers du centre? Oui, mais je préfère ces quatiers du centre-là
tu aime l’immeuble où habite Jean? Oui, mais je préfère cet immeuble-là

Reading that does not come naturally to me. I wish I could somewhat hear French pronunciations in my head but all I hear is my loud American accent (Chicaaago).  We're taking a trip to Calais at the end of November so I'm going to up my game so I can comfortably order at a cafe in French!!
I was at the gym for two hours today. 
1 hour: Legs
2 hour: Zumba class

I had more energy than usual today so I came out of Zumba looking like I had run a marathon. Mmm.. sexy sweat :o)

Today's secret smoothie ingredient: Mangos. I ran out of bananas so I substituted some mango slices. 
Skim milk, ice, vanilla yogurt, mangos,berries,agave nectar. toppings: muesli, and a fruit and nut trail mix on top
I'm a dork. Everything in my house has labels in French. I do what I gots to do!

Lunch is leftovers because I'm lazy and starving.
Mix of whole wheat and fusilli pasta w. leftover brisket and a whole lotta chili flakes for a spicy kick.

Debating what to do with this guy. I have an odd hankering for soba noodles.
Carbs and I are pretty tight these days.
So I got my hopes up for Texas a little too soon because now it looks like we're going to Portland, OR. T's brothers live there so we're going to visit them. Never been but VERY excited. Like super duper exited. 

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