Monday, 22 November 2010

Is it Christmas!?

We were in desperate need of some additional pots and pans. There's no greater frustration while cooking than having to wait for certain pots to be clean in order to start on another dish.
T included a WOK in the delivery. YAY! I had mentioned wanting one several times. Not that I make many dishes that require using a wok but it would be fun to try :-D. Who else gets this excited about new household products?!

We are finally getting SKY internet tomorrow **fingers crossed**. It's been a long uphill battle for T in trying to get us internet. He's had to fight w. SKY for the past three.. yes you heard me right. THREE MONTHS!! They are the slowest company known to man. I thought Comcast was bad. Yeesh.
While waiting for SKY, we've been paying to use BTOpenzone. We've spent lotso'money while waiting for SKY to get their act together. Blergh. Enough ranting for now.

Dinner: Minestrone soup w. veggie burger. Our fridge is EMPTY! Thankfully, I have a grocery delivery scheduled for tomorrow morning.
The soup needed some additional salt, pepper, and chili flakes cuz I like it hawt!
Veggie burger w. mayo, siracha, dijon mustard, and a bit of ketchup.
Making sure not to splatter all over my books..
I appreciate soups with lots of texture. Pasta, beans, carrots, tomatoes, onions. It was definitely a hearty soup.
Dipping of the crust action. Yumm-O.

Can't get enough of these Cadbery Crunchies. At only 80kcal a pop, I had two!

Back to sleeping urhm.. studying.


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