Friday, 12 November 2010

Are you happy?

I think I've decided after doing an hour workout sesh at home that I'm definitely more suited for a gym workout environment. I can push myself to get through a workout but I definitely don't have the same high energy and intesity as I do when I'm at the gym.

After workout protein shake:
Enjoying every crunchy bite. carsh carsh carsh..

Leftovers lunch:
I bleed siracha sauce. Literally.
I try to eat dark chocolate that's over 70% but this was lying around.
The chocolate looks a little stale but the taste was anything but. The dark chocolate flavor imparted hints of orange. SO.GOOD! I had 4 squares and had to stop myself from going back for more.

Mid afternoon study/tea break. Who needs to go out for afternoon tea when I can just make it at home!

This is the greatest invention EVER when it comes to convenience of making tea. You put your cold water in here, press down on the button to the right and VIOLA; you have hot water in minutes. Do they have these things in the states?
Tea time x2 with an extra treat on the side.
In my book, tea is an accompaniment to something. I can't drink it on its own. Enter: shortbread cookies. Yuuuuum. So buttery and delicious with lots o' sugar crystals on top.
Strawberry jam for a little sweetness.

Breakfast this morning:
Hankering for some greek yogurt.
Protein for breakfast=full longer=more workout energy for me!!
Surely this will get me through the afternoon until after my Body combat workout and back/shoulders/chest
Lots of fruit: Blueberries, mangos, raisins, almonds, and agave nectar for sweetness since the greek yogurt is pretty bland.
New fitness reading material. The happy issue.

Some of the things that make me happy: family, friends, salsa dancing, delicious food, christmas time, laughing til it hurts, and gazing at the stars. Happy thoughts this morning :)

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