Friday, 29 October 2010

With Halloween right around the corner..

Candy pop quiz!
Gee.. I'm going to miss seeing all the kids in their cute costumes going trick or treating this year.
Snoopy wishes everyone A HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!
My legs were SO sore yesterday from the previous day's workout that I could barely walk up and down stairs. When my body is sore, I tend to need a lot more food.

Snack yesterday: Cinnamon raisin bagel w. laughing cow cheese and honey
Will not be buying these bagels again. There were no plump raisins in any bite and you could barely taste the cinnamon. Blergh. 

Mediocre food but what can really expect from a buffet style dinner. 
Chaana masala, olives, veggies, indian lamb, chix, cous cous
First plate
Randoms: sweet n sour chix, pickled cabbage,tomatoes n onions, some indian lamb, chix wings, thai veg green curry, veggies
Second plate
Apricots were my favorite
Momma's huuuuungry!!
the rice pudding and chocolate cake were exceptionally good
I'm not really a momma but I sure can eat!
I take it back. I'm a momma to this lil furry one.

Quick snack this morning and I'm outta here for my arms workout.
Workout song of the day: Young MC "Bust a move"

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