Thursday, 28 October 2010

Body art

What to do. What to do. With leftover butternut squash.
Roast it obviously!
Give it a good coat in EVOO, salt, pepper, and roast for 30 minutes.
I mashed half the batch so I can make butternut squash pancakes one of these days.

Lunch: Salmon, squash, and a side of sriracha swirled jasmine rice. I promise it tasted better than it looks. Looks like a bloody random mess!
I sprinkled some cinnamon and poured some maple syrup on top of the squash. Brings out the sweetness of the veg. YUM
Halloween is coming up! Any ideas for costumes? I think T and I are going as bikers. Perfect time for a new tattoo you say? Why yes, I was thinking the same thing! :o) I'm seriously debating about getting this done (pending authorization from the hubby)

I told myself I wouldn't get a tattoo until I found inspiration for another one. When I was in Hawaii, there was an unusual amount of locals with body art. Love loved seeing what inspires people to get permanant artwork on their bodies. Also in Hawaii, I realized where I felt most in my element. Being surrounded by water is when I feel the most calm and at peace with myself. I love running or walking along it, watching the sun set into it, and being out on the water is the greatest feeling in the world!!
and..after all, I am a water bearer :)
 Grocery corner.
pure laziness right there
Who needs to actually walk to the grocery store when you can have groceries hand delivered?!
Lots of healthy goodies!!
But seriously. Could they make these fridges ANY smaller?
I like to keep my breads cold so they stay fresh longer but there is no more room :(

Time to work it out: Chest and Shoulders


  1. I keep my bread/bagel in the freezer.

  2. Who said my freezer was any bigger!! :)