Sunday, 24 October 2010

American Football

Tell me something good baby!
What an exciting game!! I couldn't watch it due to the time difference but thankfully, I saw all the good highlights online.

Hearty breakfast after a night of entertaining guests: scrambled eggs w. smoked salmon on whole wheat toast.
We cut up this smoked salmon last night. I have a feeling I won't be craving smoked salmon anytime soon.

I also snuck in a donut while cleaning. What can I say.. I crave sweets after a late night of uhm.. indulgences :o).
Sprinkled donuts, my fav!!
And.. maybe some Belgium chocolates

Almost too pretty to eat!
Nom nom nom...
These hazelnut center chocolates are so addictive!! 

Sunday Funday at Camden Market

It's about a 20 minute walk from our flat. There are so many different open air stalls that sell just about anything from clothes to bags, vintage clothing, and accessories. There are also a bunch of tattoo and piercing shops. It's got a bit of an indie/ punk rocker vibe to it. 

We stopped into this Vietnamese restaurant because soup on a chilly day sounded comforting.

How do you pronounce "Pho"?
I love adding in the herbs and veggies to the soup. You can't beat the fresh cilantro taste. Yum!
Zumba update: I'm enrolled in a Zumba instructor course on November 26th. Woo hoo! Hopefully by next year I can join the "real world " again!!

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