Saturday, 23 October 2010

Daily lunch special

You really can't beat an Indian lunch special for £5.50! What is that, like 10 dollars in the U.S.?
Prawn bhuna to the right and channa massala to the left. The channa massala was particularly garlicky and worthy of dipping my naan into.
Lamb pasanda and some sort of vegetable dish swimming in this delicious sweet sauce. The pasanda was made from almonds and I'm sure lots of cream. That's what makes it so delish!!

Made a run to Sainsbury's and picked up lots of party food.
Check out our stash man.
Also made a quick stop at London's highly rated Steve Hatt fishmarket. Is that not the biggest thing of smoked salmon you've ever seen in yo life!?!

One more time for good measure. GO MIZZOU!!!!!!

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