Sunday, 31 October 2010

Get your pizza while it's hot

Veggie pizza with onions,corn, olives, green peppers
Mexican pizza with beef, red peppers, jalapenos
Who doesn't love a little PJ's garlic sauce
Party time: I need to be better about taking more pictures while I'm out. There were more people dressed up than I thought there would be. Let's see.. there was lady gaga, some devil ears, scary mask wearing men, a vampire, and a witch. None of which I got pictures of.. doh!!
Happy 30th Birthday
Our costume didn't go over quite so well. People thought we were pirates bikers.
I decided to be a little sneaky and try a scoop of T's magic powder. He claims it gives me extra energy for his workouts.
Ingredients: Kiwi, strawberries, spinach, vanilla yogurt, soy milk, and ice.
The powder didn't really make me feel any differently but it did give my smoothie a yummy lemon lime flavor.
a bagel on the side w. cream cheese and honey. My favorite topping.

Did a little cleaning this morning. Kitchen grime is the WORST.
Sparkly clean..
Our little rascal is coming home today..
Flippin princess.
Caaaountry song of the day: Sara Evans " Real fine place to start"

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