Sunday, 31 October 2010


I'm smiling in this picture but on the inside I was thinking WTF are we doing here?
We seriously went to bufu and back to pick up Sonoma from the Animal Reception Center near Heathrow airport.
Cars were speeding past us as we walked to the bus stop.
Honestly.. Could they have picked a more inconvenient place to bring the animals?
International 'Noma.. la la la...

We had some visitors. 
They love to see "le chien" "le chien!!!"
Alki loves Sonoma!!
But is also deathly afraid of her. What a contradiction :)

It is Halloween afterall..
so a little torturing was in order..
I'm a little pumpkin yes I am.
The costume wouldn't stay on!!

Stuffed peppers. YUM
It's been a looooong day. We're pooped.

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