Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New reading material!!

My legs feel like jelly after my run today so I'll be on the couch reading this bad boy. 

Lunch: unpictured Chirashi bowl, and my mom, dad and I shared a Dragon roll (unagi and eel), and the spicy Spider roll (fried soft shell crab, spicy mayo).

After lunch, we went to Sam's club. I was very impressed with myself that I stayed away from their free samples. Come on, who goes to Sam's club without roaming the store for freebies! 

I came away with this: Excited to try some new energy bars. I hear these taste more like real food. Most bar's I've tried taste kind of chalky but I've gotten used to it. We'll see how these stack up.

My daddy bought these :
and you wonder which parent I got my genes from. DUH! She don't get it from her momma!

FF yogurt w. sliced strawberries and caramel drizzle
Song of the day: I missed the new episode of Glee last night but I saw a clip of Lea Michele's performance of "What I did for love". Her voice always gives me the warm fuzzies!!

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