Monday, 13 September 2010

My face thanks me

I honestly was breaking out like a 15 year old love starved teenager. That was until I started using Burt's Bees products and my face is getting better. Woo hoo!! I was nervous I might have to appear on one of those Proactive commercials.
Conversation with my mother went as follows:
Mom: "You should try Burt's Bees because it really works. Two people I know have told me they have tried it and it worked for them"
Hanna: "'re saying you know it works because TWO people have claimed it cleared their skin?"
Mom: "Just trust me, it will work. I know TWO people who said it worked for them"
Hanna: "Okay.. so how many people are in this world and you're saying it works because TWO people you know have used it and got clearer skin?"

Well whaddya know. She was right. Now she can claim she knows THREE people!

I made breakfast this morning.
Whole wheat pancakes w. crushed pecans in the batter. I added some dark choco chips to the first pancake.
Three different toppings- one with peanut butter and bananas, the other w. strawberries and a yogurt topping, the other w. fresh blueberries and Vermont maple syrup.

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