Thursday, 9 September 2010

$40 for a Rib-eye?!?!

We're in Rockford people, not New York City. At least my bud light was $3. Now that's a steal.
We finally decided to eat this piece of meat after what seemed like eternity of my brother inspecting it to see if it was in fact "medium". Listen buddy, I'm hungry and don't make me stab you with my knife. It was tasty because this guy below can make even stale cardboard taste good.
Good to be back home.
So this salad is all about the iceberg "no nutritional value" lettuce and coleslawed fake lump crabmeat but it was delicious all the same. Sometimes a girls just gotta have her processed foods. At least the shrimp was real. I hope.
I forgot to look at what was on the pizza exactly because I was too busy wolfing down two slices. I know it had gorgonzola cheese and pears with some type of nut on it as well. Perhaps walnut? I knew it wasn't your average London pizza because it wasn't soggy. Yea, I said it. Wanna fight?

You know you're in America when people are paying more attention to the game than their food. If I didn't love to eat so much, I might be one of them. Either way, I love it! By the way, when did Brett Farve become such an oldie... but goodie?

Happy Birthday to my brother Joe. He's turning 29 tomorrow. You're getting so old. I feel like it was just yesterday you were teasing me.. wait you still are.  Nonetheless. Happy Birthday and quit playing golf because it's obviously made you too skinny. :-D

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