Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel..

I think I might be getting over my cold..  Yippee!! Either that or I'm in a food induced coma.

Dinner tonight was amaaazzing. Compliments to Thomas Cubitt restaurant.

These might have helped:

Pinot for her, bubbly for him. I got the red for the antioxidants :)

Shared appetizer: The scallops were seared perfectly. Nice and warm on the inside. Whoever decided to marry peas and scallops together is a genius! Both have a buttery texture and go well together. Don't forget to squeeze the lime for some citrus action!
Seared Loch Crinan scallops, garden peas, fresh lime, mint  
Mine: check out those grill marks. oh yeah. Everything was great except I wasn't digging the chewiness of the barley. Prawns were a nice addition though.
Rare seared tuna, basil & prawn pearl barley, cherry tomato dressing

Red Mullet with sauteed spinach, beet root and white bean puree
Dessert: The best part of the meal and it was free! I'm usually not a huge fan of brulee but this one in particular was so delicate and delicious. The white chocolate was not overly sweet so it paired nicely with the strawberry ice cream and fresh berries/mint. Breaking into the top crunchy layer was my favorite part! Mmm.. can I have another puhlease?!

White chocolate brulée, strawberry & mint salad, strawberry ice cream
Belly full=Sleepy time.

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