Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Brand new day

My morning started off with a grueling yet amazing Total Body Conditioning class with Barrie. I adore him and his teaching method because he is strict about enforcing good form and not allowing us to slack. If I put my arms down for one second, he lets everyone in the class know it. It is a great motivational tool!

After class, I made one of these:

Using some of these:

Oh boy was it berrylicious! (NERD ALERT!) I could barely take a picture of the ingredients without wanting to scarf down my smoothie. The conditioning classes always leave my body craving something cold and refreshing. This hit the spot as you can tell :)

While walking home from my gym, I saw a sports store advertising Lucozade sport products. Lucozade from what I know is similar to the states version of Gatorade. I've had a sip of the Lucozade energy drink but have stayed away from it due to the calorie content. I think there are some 250 calories per bottle (?) I hear there is a Lucozade lite version which I am wanting to try. Naturally, after seeing the advertisement my curiosity was raised. Some of the products include recovery powder that you mix in with water for protein and carb refuel and also jelly beans that you can eat while on longer runs. Now if I could only get myself to do those so called longer runs so I can try out these products! One baby step at a time.. :o)

Well I'm off to do some abs and clean off. Peace.

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