Thursday, 23 February 2012

Week 26

After feeling like such crap over the past few months, I think it's finally starting to sink in that I've been feeling pretty darn amazing these past few weeks, dare I say entire month! Minus the few naps here and there, I've generally had the energy to join the real world. I'm starting the third trimester next week so we'll see how long this energy lasts!

Random musings of Week 26: Well hello there baby bump!
 -cravings for pop tarts, soda
-I've felt really strong movements by the babes, even if I haven't felt him all that frequently. He tends to move when I'm sitting or lying down and I cradle my stomach. As soon as I do this, he gives me a hard punch or kick to signal his presence.
-lots of afternoon naps- I feel pretty good in the morning but my mid afternoon, my energy starts to dwindle and I need an hour nap
-2 workouts (zumba both times if you count today)
-I think the baby is sitting right above my pelvic area because I feel this dull, and sometimes annoying pressure on my lower belly. Pretty annoying!!

On to other things besides baby....

I found a new salsa dance studio in Chicago that I'm going to call home. After researching multiple places, I found this place to be the most affordable and closest to home. The classes are held everyday in the afternoon and evening, depending on what class you sign up for. I signed up for a $150 VIP card which gives me access to any class; it's $7 for any afternoon class with Miguel and $12 for evening and weekend classes with him and other instructors. I doubt I'll be able to continue dancing for much longer, maybe 1 more month max, but I'm just grateful I haven't lost my center of gravity!

This past Tuesday, we went to our Restaurant Week dinner reservation at Boka. Even though the menu looked delicious on paper, I wasn't particularly wowed by any of the flavor combinations used. I would still probably rate the restaurant a B+ for its solidly good food and service. 
Beef cheek ravioli, crayfish and celery root hash, lobster jus
Herb crusted whitefish, black truffle, brussel and prawn slaw, sweet potato, chestnut jus
Chocolate praline terrine with Hazelnut ice cream, coffee foam, candied hazelnuts.

We also tried out our local, 5 minute walk sushi joint called Sublime Sushi.
I went with their really reasonable shrimp tempera udon lunch special ($7!). The veggies and shrimp were a bit overfried and undercooked (the veggies, not the shrimp)= sad.
at least the broth and noodles were delicious!
T thought the sushi rice had a bit too much vinegar on it so that combined with my hard veggies was a big no no. We definitely wouldn't rule out going there again but it probably won't become a regular rotation. 
my sleeping beauty :-). She's been extra sweet on me lately and I wonder if its because she can sense there's someone more important in the room.. one can only dream!!
Our dinner yesterday was a delicious roast chicken that T made for us with a side of chicken cheddar noodles and collard greens. We've been on such a poultry kick lately... dare I say I'm getting tired of eating CHICKEN!?!

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