Friday, 3 February 2012

Shabu Shabu and babies

We celebrated my 28th birthday family style with a little shabu shabu action, which was quite delicious! I've come to realize that the older I get, the less need I have for over the top birthday celebrations and dinners. I told T that all I wanted for my birthday is my family and I didn't need any gifts.. but he still managed to sneak in a smaller pink Canon camera for me- yippee!! I had bluntly casually mentioned that our SLR was getting a bit bulky to carry around everywhere and I could use a smaller camera for everyday picture taking. I'll still probably use the SLR for more appropriate situations like when we travel to different countries (or different states now!)

Low key birthday or not, it's still warms my heart when people take the time to remember my special day <3
Sonoma always needs to be part of the action in the kitchen!
ingredients for dipping in the shabu shabu broth

huge pot of broth for veggies, meats, and eventually the noodle soup we eat at the end.
the meat was thinly sliced and delicious!

pot o' goodness*~
We added in noodles at the very end and the broth was really tasty after all that meat and veggie dipping.
I could barely finish my bowl of noodles since I was SO full!!
Last night I went over to a dear friend's moms house and met up with two friends whom I've known since grade school and we've managed to stay friends and very close all these years. I feel so grateful for their friendship!! One friend also had a baby 5 months ago so it was really sweet getting to finally meet her.
We did lots of cooing and goo goo ga-ing
Funny how mainly our conversations of boys and gossip have been replaced by talks of babies and motherhood!!

She's quite the personable and camera ready lady already!
Squeeze those glutes! ;)
We sat down for a lovely dinner prepared by Natalie's mom Selina.
a delicious vegetarian lasagna (with spinach!), green beans, bread, and an unpictured delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.
I can't wait to add my mini me to the mix!!

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