Friday, 17 February 2012

Moving Day 2012

We have officially moved into our new apartment!! There is stuff E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. but we're taking the one step at a time approach with organizing all of our random stuff everything.
I was worried the movers would dirty up our floors but they were very professional and laid down red protection for us and also covered our carpet with plastic. They arrived at 9 and left by 12:30- now that's what I call prompt service! I guess that's also what happens when a corporation pays for your move (they pack and unpack everything for you!!).
We also had movers on Wednesday that brought all the new furniture we bought. Now our living room, dining room, and bedroom is mostly complete.
Thankfully T didn't have to put everything together.

Our new bedroom furniture! :-)
Living room set
Entertainment center
Our first meal at our apartment from Pizza Metro, one of our many neighborhood pizza joints. The pizza was tasty except for the crust- T was right when he said it tasted like crushed up crackers! I think I got a bit spoiled eating lots of amazing pizza in London. Damn.
Sitting patiently marking off all the boxes that the movers brought in.
On moving day, T brought us breakfast from our local coffee joint Bucktown Beanery. I had an egg and bagel sandwich with ham, which was delicious and perfect with my side of almond tea.

We spent Valentines Day at the Wyndam Hotel since we couldn't move into our new place til the morning after. Dinner was at Hotel Conrad, less than a mile from our hotel. Our pre fixe meal included shrimp bisque, goat cheese "salad", lobster ravioli, and chocolate fondue.
the shrimp bisque was perfect and had a generous portion of shrimp.
I wouldn't really consider this a salad even though that's what they called it- a Parmesan crisp under a spread of goat cheese that tasted like yogurt in texture along with honey. Yummy!!
We both agreed there was a generous portion of lobster stuffed into the freshly made ravioli but there was something citrusy about the sauce that threw us both off. Otherwise, it was a great dish.
Chocolate fondue with all the fixin's- strawberries, pineapple, almond cake, and sugar crusted marshmallows. 

Time to relax on the couch!!

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