Sunday, 6 February 2011

Super Bowl Champs...

Korean food makes Hanna a happy happy hippo.
The usual suspects.
The pajun tasted a bit wholemealy (not a word. yes I know.) but it grew on me in the end. There definitely wasn't enough seafood though and it was a bit soggy.
Japchae- this was wonderfully seasoned, prolly the best part of the meal.
Grilled meats and veg.
Hot stone bowl.
w. lots of spicy sauce
Egg fried rice. I don't think I'll go back to Myung-Ga again. The service was poor and I've had better food.
Vienetta for dessert.
Rise and shine cupcake. It's time for a workout then class.
Muesli, cereal, dark choco chips w. strawberry and vanilla yogurt mixed together w. a big, HUGE cup of coffee on the side.

Congrats to the Packers. Super Bowl champs. and for Christina Aguilera for flubbing the national anthem. Who does that!?!?!

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