Monday, 21 November 2011


Things I really miss right now (most of these will relate to food since this is FOODIE in the UK!!)

  • taco bell- of all friggin things, I could really use 3 hard tacos right now from TB
  • sushi
  • oysters- is it weird my mouth seems to be watering at the thought of 6 raw oysters with shallot vinaigrette :-)
  • The last time I ate deli meat, I got violently ill with a stomach bug, and was later reminded that I shouldn’t be eating it in the first place. Doesn't mean I still don't miss it! Blergh..
  • Chicago
  • Corner Bakery- on top of that deli meat, I really could go for either corner bakery's cobb salad (amazing!), and any of their soups/sandwiches. 
  • Portillo's- Enuff said!
  • my cats- I've thought about them passing away a few years ago about 2 times now during my pregnancy and had a really good cry about it.
  • energy level- this mostly because I want my fitness level back. I used to feel such a high either running, weight lifting, kickboxing, or doing something simple like pushups. Lord knows all I've done these past few months is just shuffle food in my mouth.
  • dancing- Yep, in addition to not having worked out, I've pretty much shoved dancing to the side as well. I did put on some Marc Anthony while doing the dishes today and attempted to dance. Now that's what I call multi-tasking!
Things I can't wait for
  • Baby dancing in my tummy. I think I'm supposed to feel flutters at first, but that doesn't even come until 16 weeks or later. I'm only at 13, going on 14!
  • Shopping for baby EVERYTHING. Is there nothing cuter than clothes the size of your head? Adorbs!
  • Decorating baby room- not sure where we're going to move to, but we're definitely not staying in our flat when the baby comes. 
  • My belly flab turning into an actual belly. Right now it just looks like I ate two overstuffed burritos!
  • Christmas, New Years, my birthday, because it means I'm that much closer to meeting this lil bean. 
  • Finding out the gender- We have a private gender scan scheduled for December 19. Can't. Wait.
  • 2nd trimester glow- everyone keeps talking about how much better they feel once they hit the 2nd tri mark and all I feel is more tired and I've been having these awful headaches for the past 2 days. Boo!! 
Back to the weekend's eats
She's got a crazed look in her eye as if she'll be getting some of this!
Man, I love my smoothies! I also added in some fun toppings like sprinkles and chocolate covered candies.

On Saturday, we ordered some Thai food and I caught up on episodes of American Horror Story. I love that the show has everything I love about horror movies, yet it is on every week!
Thai takeout @ Thai Aubergine.
duck wraps
T's plate O' food.
lek tom yum- rice noodles, and seafood
I mostly ate this soup since curries make me sick, and I wasn't in the mood for anything else that night.
lamb curry
best chicken pad thai eva! I had some leftover Sunday night after watching Breaking Dawn Part I. I dragged T to go see it with me, and I'm not going to tell you who enjoyed the movie more! O-b-v-i-o-us!
I've been trying to get my green on for breakfast lately. This time I had some roasted broccoli with my scrambled eggs and toast.
lunch was a medley of vegetables sauteed in dark soy, sea salt, evoo, and black pepper.

Yum! My seabass formed a really nice crust in the oven. I used olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, pepper, and cayenne pepper to season it.

Time to lounge on the couch!

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