Saturday, 22 October 2011

NFL Fan Rally 2011

We had some Pho last night while my cold still lingered, and it felt really good to be eating clean for a change (no spices or curries of any kind). Although the soup was slightly cold, it was actually pretty tasty for being delivery (Hung Viet)
I had one of these delicious spring rolls. I love vietnamese style rolls because they aren't fried and they're usually filled with shrimp, noodles, herbs, and veggies. YUM!
mongolian duck
I was pretty satisfied with my PHO so I didn't have any of the other stuff T ordered but he said it all tasted pretty mediocre.
fried rice
beef curry

We stayed in and I called it an early night after dinner because I knew we had a long day ahead of us the next day. The initial plan was to do a house viewing at 10a.m. near Essex road so T and I went to The Diner, an American style diner close to the property. I was PUMPED when I saw the menu. I've had a weird hankering for American foods lately and when I saw the following on the menu, I literally squealed!  
  • cobb salad
  • hot dogs
  • chili cheese fries (weird I know!!)
  • burgers
  • philly cheese steaks
  • bacon (I was hoping it was real American bacon!!!)
  • ketchup EVERYWHERE! Lol.

The food looked promising but unfortunately, failed to deliver on taste for the most part. T's pancakes weren't very fluffy or moist at all, the way pancakes should be. What can you really expect though; it's a greasy diner, not a gourmet restaurant!

Their spicy home fries was fantastic; a bit oily but the caramelised onions were delicious mixed in with the potatoes.
unbuttered, clean, yummy spinach
I was really hankering for waffles and bacon and this hit the spot in at least the bacon was good, chewy and undercooked, just how I like it. The waffle tasted like a sweet Belgian waffle you would get with chocolate on top so it was a bit too dessert like, even though I still ate most of it. :-)

After breakfast, the realtor cancelled on the property showing last minute (grrr!!), but on the plus side, we were able to head to the NFL Fan rally on time.
This is hands down one of my favorite things to do. Anything involving eating, the Chicago Bears, tailgating, or pep rally's I LURVE!! What can I say, I felt like a kid glowing on Christmas morning! haha. No. Joke.
  1. I've been missing Chicago
  2. Missing football
  3. I wanted to see some Bears folk
  4. I haven't been out of the house in a week and 1/2 people!!
sorta playing paparazzi...

We took some quick pictures before heading into the small crowd so we could get a good viewing spot before the bigger crowds.
I already had my sweatshirt on but I somehow managed to convince T to buy himself one! "You can't go to the game tomorrow without any gear on!!!" Oh, and he bought me a zip up one too :)

The Bears will be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tomorrow at Wembley Stadium, which we are planning on going to!
these guys were so cute!
the announcers were having a bit too much fun!
Staley, the mascot.. lookin a little tubby!!! :-P
he was definitely my kind of mascot; this guy was running, dancing, and bum scooting around like the energizer bunny.
Couch Lovie!! What a guy!
Idonije, Gould, Knox, and Adams
I was super stoked to be so close to the players and apart of this once in a lifetime event here in London. Blessed!
He seems to be getting younger every time I see him!

mid afternoon entertainment to spice things up
this guy was an awesome beat boxer!
ehh.. I didn't enjoy these guys so much.. and that's all I'm going to politely say.
NFL commissioner speech
Chicago Bears Drumline
they were awesome and very energetic!
Staley taking over the drums
hey! he was quite good!
love. love. love. hip hop esq dancers

I forgot the duo's name but the singer had an amazing Adele like raspy voice. I'll have to find out who he is..
Did I take more pictures of Staley or the Bears players??? lol..
Tampa Bay cheerleaders
they were pretty good but I thought seeing them 4 times in the span of 3 1/2 hours was a bit much!!
Jerome "The Bus" Bettis

1985 Chicago Bears- awww you could definitely tell how much pride they had for Chicago and the Bears. I wanted to run up and bear hug these guys.
Otis Wilson, Richard Dent, Shaun Gayle
After attending the rally, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped about tomorrow's game. Bear down.

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