Sunday, 2 October 2011

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Yesterday was a very chillax anniversary day. We didn't do much during the day, but we did manage to venture outside the house for lunch. I finally got my itch scratched for a perfect bowl of ramen noodles
T had the bbq beef in this amazing marinade. It was about as delicious as it looks. I snuck in a few bites- nom nom nom!!
I ordered the seafood ramen with white rice. If I followed a cheat day, I would definitely be eating this. Give me plain packet ramen noodles any day!

I had one of the most fun and delicious dining experiences last night at Joel Robuchon, a two-starred Michelin restaurant. They do a very reasonable pre- theatre menu for £29 and the choice of appetizer, main, and dessert was excellent.

As soon as we walked in to the restaurant, on a bustling Covent Garden street, I felt as if we were transported to another place and time. Sitting in the open kitchen area, we watched the chefs masterfully at work. I told T that I felt sort of like an intruder looking in since they were so professional and rarely acknowledged us, the patrons all lined up in front of them.
We started with this amuse bouche that tasted like a tuna sandwich but in moose form. YUM!

eeewww.. I brought my phone out so I could be subtle about taking pictures but that left for really ugly photos. It was sad really but I would rather have these then no photos at all! They made me a really delicious fruit cocktail. For £6, it had better be delicious! ;-)
T likes to order beers that he's never tried before or that is special to the restaurant, so he was a bit surprised when the waiter brought out this standard London meantime beer.
My appetizer was an egg cocotte in light mushroom cream. This was a light, creamy broth with a generous portion of mushrooms and an unidentifiable green gel like substance that was served with a small toasted crouton. It was really unique and super tasty. I had no idea what egg cocotte was when I first ordered it but I trusted that it was going to be different and delicious. So glad I ordered it!
T had the chichory tart with an apple and vanilla compote.
I had a small bite with all the components on the plate and it was delicious.
Mmmm.. another picture of silky perfection.
My main was guinea fowl with bacon bits, mushrooms, and butternut squash puree. The meat was PERFECTLY cooked and had a really wonderful flavor to it. It wasn't gamey at all. The butternut squash complemented the meat wonderfully.
T had the spaghetti with roasted tomatoes, and olives. His only complaint was that there wasn't enough food, and I would have to agree.
they served us creamy parsnips as a side. "These are the best parsnips I've ever had!"- T
for dessert, we both ordered the strawberry eclaire with pistachio cream. Pistachio+fresh strawberries+crispy marzipan like topping, and a fluffy pastry= heaven on a plate!!
oh and don't forget the pure vanilla bean ice cream!
Yes, I was the crazy psycho taking multiple pictures of her dessert. I didn't even pretend to be texting on my phone!
Even though I was super full, I could have definitely housed another one of these bad boys!
After dinner, we came home to Sonoma snuggles and some Glee. What a day!

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