Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Shhh.. quiet free zone

I made the most delicious lunch yesterday, and it was very simple to make! All I needed was a prepacked box of gluten free noodles, pad thai sauce (that is included), and some chopped up veggies!
this is my most recent, delicious GF find! I love their noodles! I had the schezuan sauce the other day but I think I prefer the pad thai.
I added in some baby corn, red onions, and sugar snap peas (I love em for their crunchy texture!).
chopped up oven roasted chicken breast
sauteed the veggies first in EVOO, then added the shredded chicken pieces
Next, I added in the pad thai sauce to heat everything thoroughly
Lastly, I mixed in the noodles and did my best to coat every strand with the pad thai sauce!
SO freaking good! I was either really hungry from my 45 minute treadmill run yesterday or it was just that good!

After lunch, I went to the library for a couple hours of some uninterrupted studying. Apparently, the study "quiet free" zone only applies to respectful people! I decided I might be better off studying at home or at a real library-- I went to the Camden library near Kings Cross and my observation was that this location sure brings out some crazies!
I stopped at Pret for an afternoon snack. If you haven't tried Pret's mango slices, I would highly recommend trying it for a sweet, healthy treat. I also couldn't help but indulge in my other guilty pleasure; salted popcorn!

T prepared dinner yesterday so I could be lazy. Hey, at least I peeled the potatoes; I mean who really finds peeling enjoyable?
salmon and prawn fisherman's pie with mashed potatoes, and shallots in a tomato creamy sauce
I could honestly slurp this amazing sauce on its own!
My portion control will was tested and I lost!! I had 2 big servings :-)
my addition to the meal= sauteed mushrooms in siracha and soy sauce
dessert was some gluten free goodies. We tried some new TruFree biscuits that were really good but small. We had one of each Bourbon biscuits and Custard creme.
New reading material from the library! I know I still have to finish Optimum Nutrition, but I couldn't help myself.. I started reading the one on the left and can already tell it's going to be a can't put down.
breakfast then no it's gym time. Ha! The weather is so crappy, I think I'm just going to do some Zumba and pilates at home.

Agenda: Zumba, lunch, study, teach, salsa class!

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