Thursday, 25 August 2011

Walk like a duck

I've been on a fish kick lately. I bought these two tilapia filets yesterday and was scared they would spoil right away so I ended up cooking both of them.
  • garlic chunks
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • soya sauce (GF and tastes like the real thing!)
  • siracha
  • salt and pepper
with sauteed mushrooms and brown rice on the side.
tilapia itself doesn't have much flavor so it helps to have a really flavorful marinade/sauce. Mine was really delicious!! Excuse the huge chunks of garlic but I actually like it that way. Mmmm...garlic nom nom nom :)
cup o' grapes for dessert
and since the grapes didn't satisfy my sweet tooth, I decided to break out one of these bad boys. Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons (not be be confused with these delicious macaroons).
sweet, slightly chewy in texture and a very strong coconut flavor=one delicious macaroon!

My workout yesterday was my weekly PUNCH class at Virgin Active. PUNCH is a boxing class mixed in with body conditioning exercises. Yesterday's circuit in between the punching combinations were some killer exercises done across the gym floor such as duck walks, lunges, push ups, crab walks, and bear crawls.
The hardest exercise for me was probably the duck walks. Who honestly came up with this brutal exercise?!!!
After teaching Zumba, I threw in a buffalo burger from Laverstoke Farms in the oven. Buffalo burgers are leaner than regular burgers and this one was extra special because it was deemed gluten free and contained no artificial colorings or preservatives.

I needed a substitute for a regular hamburger bun so when I found these, I was super stoked. Unfortunately, they didn't taste that great and I didn't really like the texture.
gluten can appear in the trickiest of places like regular condiments!
with sauteed mushrooms and red onions
I topped the burger with ketchup and dijon mustard.. YUM!!

Bowl of fruit, eggs, and toast for breakfast then its gym time!
For my your viewing pleasure
we played a rowdy game of fetch at 8 a.m. this morning

I love my boo bear too much!! Now if only I had her tenacity and spirit in me all the time... :)

Agenda: gym, lunch, take dog to the park, go to library and study (I'm too distracted at home!!), chillax!
Such a touching video tribute:

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