Saturday, 13 August 2011


Katsu don
We went out to eat at Mai sushi last night. We've ordered delivery from here a number of times and the food has been good so we decided to to eat in.
katsu don is probably my favorite cooked Japanese dish. Something about rice, pork, salty soy sauce with egg is the perfect mouthwatering combination.
I love the presentation of scallops inside a real shell itself. So fun to eat! It was filled with spicy mayo, seaweed, tobiko, scallops and spring onion.
the only problem I had with this appetizer is that it was served lukewarm and it made it not taste as fresh. I would serve this hot!
crunchy tuna with asparagus and truffle oil (delish!!), alaskan roll with salmon, avocado, mayo, and crab stick
Mai sushi roll with four types of different fish and a bunch of tasty raw pieces of nigiri. 

After dinner we checked out a new cocktail bar in our Kings Cross hood called VOC. The drinks were fantastic and the bartender was super friendly! All in all, a good night.

Agenda: study, relax, friend's party

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