Friday, 5 August 2011

Speculoos cookies

My dinner creation was delicious last night! I made a plate of salad with Waitrose ready made cous cous s with roasted veggies on top
Then I added some sauteed bok choy (evoo, salt, pepper light soy sauce, siracha)
and finally placed an oven baked seabass filet on top. It was healthy, filling, and SO GOOD!
Speculoos cookies from Belgium for dessert!! We were pleasantly surprised to find that these cookies taste exactly like the ones they give you on Delta flights called Biscoff. I later found out that they come from the same maker, hehe..
someone's trying to steal my cookies!
I had four and called it a night on the couch with some episodes of Audrina. Yes, I've already admitted I watch trash television!!
As a hopeful student this fall, T surprised me with some books so I can get a head start on some studies.. It's been a while since I've actually studied either of these subjects and I wasn't the best science student (understatement of my life!!) but I'm hoping as an adult learner, I'll find it easier.
T also surprised me with another useful book! Yippee!! It must be my birthday or something! :-)
My breakfast attempt at an 2 egg/egg white frittata with broccoli, red onions, and mushrooms

Gym time: Focus today was on arms. There were lots of curls, dips, rows, and overhead extensions involved!
leftovers for lunch-- I added in some sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach.. I have a feeling I've completed my 5 a day already.
afternoon snack of carrot batons and hummus! I almost reached for a bag of chips but stopped myself. Go me!

Agenda: Interview, teach Zumba, salsa !!

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