Thursday, 11 August 2011

Purrty bird

protein shake before heading off to PUNCH class yesterday
  • skim milk
  • frozen berries
  • 1 ripe banana
  • ice
  • agave nectar
  • scoop protein powder
  • toppings: honey oat crunch cereal
PUNCH class was held in the main gym floor because our teacher was sick. I was sort of dreading going downstairs because the sub had mentioned only doing 30 minutes of boxing and 15 on the powerplate. I thought powerplate, really?!? *!"&£*"&£$Q*(&£$"*!!!  If I wanted to go to a powerplate class, I would have gone at a different time! My inner grumbling aside, the class actually kicked my ass. We did one circuit of 3 body weight exercises for one minute each (crunches, pushups, squats) and then boxing with the instructor. We then did another circuit with the TRX machine (pull ups and pushups). I had never used TRX before but it works your body in such a different way since you're holding your body up at an angle. I can definitely feel a soreness in my back and chest this morning!
I stopped by Chilangos to get another chicken salad
  • grilled chicken
  • black and pinto beans
  • lettuce
  • brown rice (I added this at home)
  • mild and hot salsa
such as tasty and satisfying lunch !!

After lunch, I met up with a friend and walked around Holland Park. It's such a beautiful park I had never explored before. Especially these pretty birds!

the Kyoto Garden was such a peaceful escape.. almost makes you forget about all the rioting going on

the fish were ginormous!!
My friend recommended this Turkish restaurant called Fez Mangal near Ladbroke Grove for dinner. I got some takeaway for me and the hubs. I ordered the mixed grill dinner, mixed meza platter, and the lamb chops.
I made sure to load my plate with lots of veggies!
meat fest- the meat was really flavorful and it didn't taste "unhealthy". I felt like I was getting the true flavor of the meat instead of tasting oil or butter. It was delicious!
more speculoos oatmeal and it's time to do some Zumba!

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