Sunday, 31 July 2011

What I've learned in Antwerp

  • Don't travel early morning because you'll spend most of the afternoon sleeping in the hotel
  • Trust your instincts- Don't eat at a restaurant that's super crowded in the city square (the food will just be mediocre!)
  • Always save room for dessert (the Belgium waffles are amaaaazing!! They are chewy and the dough is delicious!)
  • Order the mussels.. even if a restaurant IS called Grill 77
  • The men in Antwerp are pretty dang attractive! (Sorry T, don't read this part)
  • People watching is fun, no matter what city you're in
  • Antwerp has reminded me a bit of Milan, Paris, and Budapest
  • There is a bar that has over 300 Belgium beers and 18 on tap. I think we got through 4 or so.. 
  • McDonalds closes super early but there's always late night shwarma (and a guy that speaks Arabic!)
  • It's cold here and next time I think I'll pack shoes other than flip flops and sneakers... oh and I'll bring a jacket too!
  • I love traveling...
Off to Bruge today!

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