Monday, 18 July 2011

A new set of rules

So I've decided to make some new rules to follow. I'm a little tired of being so wishy washy when it comes to my eating habits. I know that things are easier to follow when they're written down and memorized understood. I also want to see some more definitive results in the gym. You know what they say- your body is made 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym.. or somethin like that.  So far, here is what I've come up with:

Eat right, get fit rules

No carbs at dinner, only veggies (does not pertain eating out)
Only one dessert per day and it must be eaten before dinner
Fast food, only once a week (occasionally T and I will have our fav junk food: Mc D's!)
Must eat breakfast (this is easy since its already an engrained habit)                  
If going out for dinner, skip carbs at lunch
Must eat vegetables for lunch and dinner
Either no bread at dinner table or if its a must have, eat only one piece
No drinking during the week
Cheese eaten sparingly

Approved Snackages

Cottage cheese
Protein bars (only before dinner)
Smoothies (homemade)
Nut butters

By all means this list is not final but I think its pretty decent so far. I'll add more if I come up with anything else.

Last night's dinner was a huge success. Mostly because we received a free chicken in our Ocado delivery order. They must have made a mistake and included it on accident but hey I'm not complaining--- especially since the guy who dropped off our groceries this morning was an ASSHOLE!
this bad boy went into the oven for 45 minutes and voila: dinner in a cinch!
I sauteed some zuchinni and shrooms in a wok with evoo, salt, pepper, and siracha. Deliciousness..
god.. why did you have to make the bad chicken skin taste so good. Chicken skin is probably my biggest weakness when it comes to eating "healthy" chicken. There ain't anything healthy bout the skin!
with a side of brown rice
I spent most of my afternoon watching girly chick flicks on the couch w. little Noms.
I really enjoyed Going the Distance- such a cute and surprisingly** funny movie!
aaaand... I'm a little embarrassed to say I watched this because it sucked.. big donkey ballz.. It was really bad :-)
breakfast prior hitting the gym
obsessed fo sho!
I'm currently doing this plan that I stole from T. His men's health magazine came with these little booklets that specialize in different body parts. Each booklet comes with a 6 week program with Workouts A, B, C that contains 6 different exercises. You do workouts A,B,C on non consecutive days for Weeks 1&2, and then do a completely new set of A, B, C exercises for weeks 3&4, and 5&6. These booklets are especially good at compounding different muscle groups to most efficiently burn fat so that you can actually see some ABage!! Okay, I know its not a word but who says I'm trying to talk proper here.
  • medicine ball lunge chop
  • gym ball back extension
  • rest 1 minute after each superset and do 2 more sets
  • seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • gym ball reverse flye
  • cable side bend
  • side bridge
Post gym snack: cottage cheese w. pineapple chunks (I rinsed off the juice from the pineapples). Yum- It was the perfect protein snack.

Agenda: shower, lunch, finish reading The Help (almost done, SO GOOD!), zoooooomba!, study Korean)

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