Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Iberia restaurant

I can't ever seem to take a picture of anything white on my camera. It just ends up being either really bright or kind of blurry. Blergh. After teaching Zumba last night, I was staaarving and wanted something healthy to tide me over until our late dinner.
I dug out some about to be expired cottage cheese and topped it with a few macademia nuts. I almost forgot I had some CC in the fridge. Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and its low in fat. It's also really good to eat with fruit like pineapples
After a small debate over whether to have Ethiopian or Georgian food for dinner, we decided on Iberia.,Westminster,+London&cid=13563291452518969188&ei=ICMUTrWjN8G3hQeC7fTYDQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=1&ved=0CCkQ4gkwAA.
We've passed by this restaurant a few times and have always remarked about how we should try it but we've never gone in. Last night seemed as good a night as any to try something different. 
Sparkling water from the mountains in Georgia.

Cold mezza platter for two- roast aubergine in walnut sauce and Georgian spices with pomegranate seeds, spinach steamed with walnuts and Georgian spices, red beans with walnuts and Georgian spices, and marinade red pepper in walnut sauce and Georgian spices with pomegranate seed. Everything was SOOO delicious but the red pepper was especially good!

Hot mezza platter for two- mushrooms stuffed with cheese, green beans with eggs, onions and herbs, spring rolls filled with beef and pork, and red beans steamed with Georgian spices. Yuuum.. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back.. like now!!
Flat fried baby chicken in spicy hot sauce served with baby potatoes. The sauce they used for this chicken was out of this world. I literally wanted to eat the entire chicken, bones and all so I could get more of that finger licking sauce. Mmm Mmmm!!!
traditional Georgian dumplings filled with beef and pork. The dumplings were recommended by the owner of the restaurant. The dumplings held the juices of the meat so that when you broke into one, it tasted like eating dumpling soup. I was pretty pleased with the recommendation.
The owner of the restaurant also graciously offered to fry up our last two dumplings because he said they didn't taste as good cold. I was super full so I didn't try them but T seemed to enjoy the last two :). I would definitely recommend going to Iberia, especially for their food AND amazing service. The food is perfect comfort food for a rainy or cold day. 

Breakfast this morning was an attempt to make an onion, garlic, and mature cheddar cheese omelet but it ended up having the texture of a fritatta! 
I love the Tone it Up girls!

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