Sunday, 24 July 2011

I hate summer colds!

seekh kabab
Last night, we took T's friend who's in town from New York to Lahore Kabob House, a Pakistani restaurant. We just can't get enough of this place!
the tastiest, most flavorful lamb chops-- I had two :)
lamb biriyani
We ordered 3 types of naan:
  • butter
  • chili
  • coconut <---- this naan is pretty sweet so I would recommend saving it for dessert
lamb jalfrezi
quail and chickpea curry
king prawn curry

After dinner I was planning on joining the boys for another night out but I wasn't feeling very well so I went home and slept :(...  Good thing I did because I'm still sick-- poo poo on summer colds! I'm doping up on lots of fruit and veg hoping to get rid of it soon.

T made us a lovely breakfast this morning
shrimp and egg omelet w. cheddar cheese

Strangely, this is my first time making flavored water. Why haven't I thought of this before? It's so simple and refreshing!! In the mix:
  • sliced cucumbers
  • strawberries
  • lemons
  • mint
I had some roasted broccoli on the side w. my prawn omelet. 

Agenda:  Rest & more rest!

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