Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Albion

It was a papa johns kind of Saturday afternoon. The thin crust hawaiian wasn't as tasty as I remembered but miraculously, only TWO pieces were left in the end. Who dun eat it!?

Dinner last night was @ The Albion. Please tell me why I've never been there before, its the cutest place AND it has an outside beer garden. Perfection :)
We had the beet root salad to start. It was fresh and really delicious!
We also had the shellfish cocktail with bread and butter. Yuuuuuuuuuum.. It was the perfect balance of prawns, crawfish, lettuce, and a mayo dressing.
Can I please have another!?!
We had to get the cheeseburger since everyone seemed to be ordering them around us. I'm glad we did because it was juicy and ammaaazeballs!!
sauteed spinach (it was supposed to be buttered spinach but it defintiely didn't taste that way!)
as if the first burger picture wasn't good enough. We split this so we could also share the rib-eye
the rib-eye with a side of mashed potaters. We thought the steak could have been more tender and the mash a bit more buttery but all in all, it was still delicious! I would recommend going to the Albion for drinks, outside patio, and then for a later dinner. It was fantastic!
We warmed up a premade sticky toffee pudding for dessert
with some strawberry cheesecake ice cream on top. Mmm mmmm!!
whole wheat w. quail eggs, and shrimp on top of japanese mayo
T made a wonderful breakfast this morning with some quail eggs he bought from Steve Hatt. Quail eggs are so tiny but the flavor of the eggs are really delicious and SUPER cute, eh!?
I also watched a chick flick this afternoon because I was loooong way overdue for one. I've read the book and I thought the movie was just as cute!

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