Monday, 20 June 2011

Taste of London

We went back to our old hood to take T's brother and girlfriend to brunch. We used to LOVE going to Tom's kitchen for brunch. They definitely have the best eggs I've ever tasted.
I got the Eggs Royale- smothered in amazing creamy hollandaise sauce. Mmm..
the color of the egg yolks are phenomenally yellow.
T had the smoked salmon on thick wheat toast.
a side of juicy portabello mushrooms for ME!
We all split the cinnamon butter brioche french toast. It's like dessert because of how sweet it is. We love ordering this because after the savory eggs, its always nice to get something sweet.
Spending a little bit of time in South Kensington brought back memories of how beautiful and clean I thought this neighborhood was. Everything is always a bit more polished than the other areas we've been to. It's quite lovely!
We stopped by the Hummingbird bakery before hopping back on the tube since we were in the neighborhood. Best red velvet cupcakes in town.
We picked up a Happy Father's Day cupcake for T's dad being that Sunday was Father's Day. I wonder if he ate it..
My gymboss and wristband package came in!! So I'll be using this little gadget when I want to do intervals. I was thinking of using it while running outside or maybe even at the gym and timing myself while doing body weight exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, plank jacks, etc. I always like using timers because when I know there is an end in sight, I end up working twice as hard.

Saturday night we hit up the Taste of London festival. Gourmet dining in Regent's park- it doesn't get much better than that!
Chicken Tikka pie from Benares restaurant
a little fish tortilla wrap from a taste of Barbados stand.
We tried a couple liquor samples

Roast suckling pig
I wasn't as diligent this time around and forgot to take pictures of the different stands we visited. Unfortunately, now I can't remember where most of the dishes came from! What a shame..
I get no greater pleasure than seeing someone truly enjoying their food. It's such a weird joy for me.
T and I have been to Benares on a restaurant week and the food/service there was superb.
the chef/owner of Benares must have known I was trying to sneak in his picture because he kept looking right at me! hehehe..
truffled risotto with lamb?? Not even sure if thats right but it was delicious!
duck with boy choy
fried balls anyone? These were from Bucca Di Peppo restaurant and were really tasty! You can't really go wrong w. hot gooey cheese and fried goodness!
fish curry

the perfect snap to soft middle combination. I love the initial crunch when you bite into a hot dog. Yum!

lamb chop from Kai restaurant. The lamb was ammmmaaazing. It was melt in your mouth delicious.
Paul being his usual goofy and fun self.

Sunday afternoon, we went over to the hubby's moms house to grub down on some amazing middle eastern cuisine. She prepared a mean spread. There was hummus, grapeleaves, fish over rice, salad, kibbeh.

Everyone was very eager to grub down.
Although I was tempted to start immediately, I knew I had to take some pictures or else I would never do it later!
I made myself a plate with a bit of everything. Like always, I ate like a lady  I stuffed my face. Momma S makes the second best food around (a close second to my mommas!)
Profiteroles for dessert. Yes maam!!
Check out that dessert spread!
An apple pie as big as my booty! ;-) Everything was so delicious. I seriously have been in a food coma since Friday. I went to the gym today for the first time since Thursday and boy did it feel SO good.

Agenda: Mini pub crawl, then I'm going salsa dancing w. my sis in law. Can't wait!

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