Saturday, 11 June 2011

pub crawl

so much for having a clean house when we have our guests this upcoming week! T's sister is graduating high school so we have his family coming to stay with us. I'm super excited but also nervous that our place won't be sparkling clean.

I think this summer salad has had a good run- time to retire the bad boy. I'm about to pitch it this weekend cuz I still have so much of it left! It would be a good salad to bring to a picnic or bbq.

I also had a turkey breast on the side that I oven baked with EVOO,sea salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick.
I'm such a pink fanatic!
I got my nails did! So I tried a new treatment called Biosculpt. It's this colored gel that they paint on your hands/feet and put under a UVA lamp and it dries within several minutes The overall procedure for my hands and feet took about an hour and 20 minutes. They say that the polish on your feet should stay on for 4-6 weeks and your hands 2-3 WITHOUT chipping. I decided to get it done because I always always chip my nails as soon as I walk out of the salon- usually the day of! Very annoying.. So, even though the treatment was £80 (£85 with tip) I'm hoping it was worth it. I have to say it felt so odd being able to put on my shoes shortly after having my feet painted. I literally was wearing gym socks and shoes because I was going to the gym afterwards. It was a nice feeling :-)
When did my feet become so vein-y!?!? Ewww!
Workout: Legs and Abs
3 sets
  • Leg extension machine
  • Leg press machine
  • deadlifts with 7kg weights
  • curtsy squat
  • Abs: reverse curl, side plank dips, swiss ball curls, v-sit twists
I'm having the hardest time trying to get rid of that stubborn fat that lies below the belly button. It is a B**** to target. I always seem to carry my excess weight there (as I'm sure a lot of women). I just gotta keep trucking!

After teaching zumba, I went to meet T and his co workers for a fun mini pub crawl. Who can say no to beer on a Friday night? I missed the first pub called the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

Ye Old Mitre Tavern
1 Ely Place
Because the Mitre sits on the site of a medieval palace belonging to Cambridge-shire’s Bishops of Ely, it’s technically part of Cambridgeshire rather than London.

Jerusalem Tavern
55 Britton Street
Named after the nearby priory of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the tavern serves traditional ales from St. Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk.

After the last pub, we all kept debating where to go and after fumbling around outside for 30 minutes (GRR!) T and I decided to head home and grub down on some greasy chinese before bed (bad idea normally but great idea after imbibing in a few drinks!),Islington&cid=10200557601902443406
We got the usual suspects- Singapore Laksa noodles
Shrimp fried rice, duck on top of greasy noodles, chicken wings, and spare ribs. Lots O' Food! I hope I don't regret this decision in the morning aka I'll just have a hard workout tomorrow ;)

Oats and smashed bananers
the jam and almond butter tasted fantastic on the oats!
Off to the gym yo!

Song of the day: Pitbull feat. NeYo "Give me everything (tonight)"

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