Thursday, 2 June 2011

Gotta dash!

Leftovers for lunch yesterday with lots of siracha. Spicy yum!
study break snack
T brought us back dinner from a local Vietnamese restaurant. We split two different baguettes; one was pork and the other beef. They had different sauces on them and were both delicious!
I love the cilantro in these sandwiches, it really is a wonderful flavor!
Breakfast of champions- scrambled eggs w. 1/2 the whole wheat toast and a scone from yesterday. They aren't as hard as I imagined they would be after cooling off...They are still soft and tasty though!!

Abs and Total body workout
I'm really digging the Hee-Haw move in this workout segment. I could feel my quads hurting after 3 sets!
So I'm not going to lie- I totally skipped the first plank roll out move and the leg extension. My core just isn't  strong enough to handle this workout completely. Baby steps.. baby little steps
After workout protein smoothie w. cashews and goji berries on top.

Gotta run to meet a friend at the Somerset house! :-D

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