Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Brunswick
T and I had such a fun filled weekend- We started off at the Brunswick Food market on Saturday afternoon. The weather was sunny and b-eau-ti-ful!!
There were lots of different food stands to choose from. A lap around the market is definitely necessary before making any fast decisions :-) Some of the stands we saw were: Chinese, Paella, Argentinian steak, Indian, Cakes, Desserts, Middle Eastern, Korean, Japanese, etc!
Korean food stand
We decided against the fried dumplings and instead got them steamed with some sweet chillay sauce. Yum!
Takoyaki, Takoykai, TAKOYAKI!!!!! Fried octopus dough balls. Yes Puhlease. They don't quite have enough octopus in them but the sauce and warm dough is so worth it!

The caribbean restaurant that does £3 lunches on the weekends in Chapel Market closed down so I was SO happy to see this at the Brunswick. I love me some Jerk Chicken!
I love the combo of rice and beans w. the chicken.
It wasn't quite as good but still very flavorful.
I kept wavering back and forth on deciding to split a polish dog but the smell of the grilled onions was hard to pass up...
the brat was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mmmm mmm.. Trick to not getting AS full-don't eat all that carbalicious bread!
We decided against the usual nutella and banana crepe and got cinnamon sugar instead.
Patience is a virtue. That I never sometimes have.
Not the greatest picture but it was filled with lots of cinnamon sugar. Our later afternoon/evening consisted of going to watch England play Switzerland (they tied 2-2) and out to dinner/drinks. The football match was a bit of a disappointment (I wanted to see England WIN!) but it was an exciting match to be at. If I can't watch any American sports, I guess I'll settle for a bit of soccer. :P
Today we went out to meet T's family for lunch. His mom had a lovely middle eastern spread for us. I love the food she prepares- seriously so good!
Cabbage and grape leaves with rice on the inside. If I knew we weren't going to a Michelin star restaurant for dinner, I would have eaten 3 of each!
a cool and refreshing yogurt based dipping sauce with cucumber. Perfect combination w. the Kibbeh
Greens to make it healthy! :)
some fried fish and potatoes- his mother gave us a canister of the frying crumbs that she dipped this fish into. It had a really nice flavor so I'm excited to try it on something else... deep fryer chicken wings perhaps??
One thing I couldn't possibly say no to are homemade vegetarian spring rolls. I ate way too much!
Mint leaves growing in the backyard- she plucked and washed
Sigh.. I was I had a green thumb- these flowers were beautiful
She also had miniature lettuce leaves growing. How cute is this little patch!
We were planning to sit outside but the drizzly weather made us come back inside.

T preparing the apple flavored argile for us. Is that the right spelling? I'll just say hookah-he he..
post lunch snacks
Tea with fresh mint leaves :) Is the weekend over already? Awww maaann!!!

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