Friday, 6 May 2011

I'm comin home again

last supper before leaving for the states the next morning.
salmon, dill, and creme fraiche on melba toasts
eel over brown rice and avocado
spaghetti bolognase 

We left for an afternoon flight to Chicago out of Heathrow airport but not before spending some time in the nifty AA lounge. Oh the privilages of being a wife of a platinum American Express card holder. :P
the lounge had a buffet of free wines, juices, sodas but I was more interested in the food buffet. Sweet potato shephards pie. It was surprisingly tasty!
a sweet potato and lentil salad.
the hubs loves his lounges. Gee whiz, you would think he was going to disney world!

We landed at about 3:00p.m. but didn't get home til 6:30p.m. Hello Chicago traffic. Blergh. I was SO tired. I did get to watch three movies on the plane. How Do You Know, No Strings Attached, and Country Strong. I really liked the last two movies.
It's so nice being home and eating some of Momma's cooking.

We truly had a feast for dinner. It was all very delicious and just what my body was craving :)

Only when I'm home do I ask my mom to cook me ramen for breakfast. I'm such a weird-O

I can't wait to do some shopping! I love being back in the States!!!!

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