Thursday, 7 April 2011

No pain no gain!!

T made us another omelette this morning made of onions, parsley, and cheddar cheese.
Simple yet so delicious!

We went to Pizza Express yesterday for dinner. I met Tarek for a mini dinner break before salsa and he went back to work. These pictures are slightly out of order because I got lazy and didn't want to move around my pictures.
Garlic mozzerella bread as an appetizer. So small but it packed a lot of garlic cheesy flavor!
Dough balls with garlic butter. Yum.
Mine: Fungi di bosco. Mushroom pizza with garlic and parsley oil romana style. The pizza was tasty but the dough was kinda tough. I think it was undercooked :(
His: Quatro formaggi pizza. Lots of different cheeses on his and the dough was actually crispy. Damn!!

I went to Body Pump this morning for a change of pace to my workout routine. Is it just me or did Body Pump get harder? Man.. my muscles were screaming in pain this morning!! I actually had to stop and rest the weighted bar on my shoulders for a part of the set. I guess its true what they say, "no pain, no gain".
Protein smoothie after my workout for a bit of aid in muscle recovery
reheated leftovers for lunch before I met a friend out for a walk around town and some dessert.
I had the green tea and rasberry sorbet with brownie pieces. What a beautiful Thursday we had today. There were so many people out and about enjoying the sun and 70 degree weather. I'm so lucky to be able to be outside mid afternoon to enjoy the sun :)

Song of the day: Travis Tritt "It's a great day to be alive"

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