Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Smart Goals

We've learned in class that setting SMART goals help clients achieve their goals by making them specific and measurable.

The actual acronym stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Framed. Here is one of my SMART goals.

Specific- I want to lose 5 lbs and fit comfortably into my jeans
Measurable- I will weigh myself every 2 weeks and should notice that my jeans are fitting a bit looser around my waistline.
Achievable or Action oriented- My book says A stands for Achievable but its a bit too similar to Realistic so my goal will be Action oriented. I will have one cheat day a week and the other days eat healthy. If I eat past 9 p.m., I will choose healthier snack options. If I choose to drink, I will allow for the calorie addition by cutting back elsewhere.
Realistic- Losing 5lbs is very realistic since I was at that weight prior to winter. I was comfortably at this weight without any drastic lifestyle changes.
Time Framed- I will lose this excess weight by May 1. I'm aiming to lose a pound every 2 weeks.

I know my goal doesn't include anything about working out but I know that for me, my body responds best to my diet. I also believe in the motto that the way your body looks is 80% diet and 20% fitness

Lunch yesterday: I sauteed some kale and mushrooms in the wok.

Multigrain turkey and cheese bagel sandwich.
with some Green & Blacks 55% dark chocolate w. cherries.

Dinner: Bigham's Macaroni n. Cheese
A nice crispy layer formed on top of the gooey cheesy middle. Delish!
With a side of shallot and minced garlic sauteed asparagus and spinach mix.
My fitness business cards have been ordered! Yippee!! Nothing says professional like having your own business card and saying the word Yippee! ;)

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