Sunday, 20 March 2011


We went over to T's moms house and were met by a wonderful and delicious spread. Check out all this amazing food!
Breaded tilapia with rice and pinenuts and salad
I ate to my hearts content :)
Olives and pickled radish
Plate of sweets
Candied almonds- I snuck a  few. I couldn't really taste the almond but I loved the crunchiness of the candy coating.

We called it a lazy Saturday night with some episodes of Modern Family and Top Chef
My breakfast this morning of decaf coffee and crumpets. I've given up coffee because I've become to dependant on caffeine. I used to have 3 cups in the morning and a red bull or some sort of energy pick me up in the afternoon. NO GOOD! It's been tough switching to decaf but I'm actually very surprised at how much easier it is than I thought it was going to be. I did have a couple days of headaches but I'm not as lethargic and dead to the world as I would have thought. Yippee!!
I may be slightly obsessed w. crumpets now :)

We went to a Hillsong morning service today and then went out to lunch.
Pomegranate lemonade. Finally! A restaurant that serves something flavorful other than water. Yummy
Falafel- fried chickpea balls with a tangy yogurt based sauce.
Shifa- sort of pizza like dough with minced lamb, onion, tomato, and pomegranate molasses.
Blurry picture of schwarma hummus :( I only had my phone to take pictures!
phyllo pastry filled with spinach. The dough should have been a bit more crispier and the filling more predominant. It was sort of a mushy mess.

Mixed grill platter
It was a very delicious lunch :)

Time to celebrate another birthday dinner!!

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