Sunday, 13 March 2011

Back to Lahore Part Deux

New reading material from the library. I got the recommendation for the book on the left from the YMCA instructor who covered our 3 days of nutrition. It's a hefty book but I find the topic of healthy eating very interesting (even though I haven't really been practicing what I'm reading lately!)

We went out last night to Lahore Kabob House. 
I love BYOB restaurants :)
 Mixed grill appetizer plate-lots of tender chicken and beef
 the lamb chops are probably my favorite dish at Lahore. So tender and juicy. Yum!
King prawn curry
We also ordered the lamb biriyani, chicken tikka masala, fish curry, and of course garlic naan. We were definitely steered in the wrong direction of ordering too much fun. We had SO much left over.

Drunkey Monkey time!
Singapore sling cocktail..
We spotted another space invader!! :-D

So.. I'm not sure what exactly I ate (might have been the cranberries on top of singapore sling drink I ordered at the Drunken Monkey) but when I got home, I immediately started having cold shivers and intense flu/stomach bug symptoms. Crazy how my night can go from pleasantly fine to dramatically ill in a matter of a few hours. Needless to say, it hasn't really been my finest month in terms of my health and physical well being. I finally started to feel alright by late afternoon today but I'm assuming its the hot tea flu medicine that Tarek has been feeding me. He also made me udon soup earlier this morning which was just what my shivering body needed. :(

Time for more recovery and dinner!

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