Sunday, 27 February 2011


My gosh darn left foot. I think I might have:
a.) sprained it while doing outdoor circuit training
b.) hurt it while dancing
c.) a combination of both a & b

I was able to run for about 20 minutes this morning before I decided to give my foot a rest. The sun was out and calling my name :)

Dinner on Friday at Griglia formerly known as Metro Gusto:
The wonderful complimentary bread basket. The breads were salty, garlicy and carb-o-licious.
Burrata appetizer with courgettes and aubergines. I loved the combination of the cold cheese with warm vegetables. Mmmmm..
Green pappardelle with veal meatballs and artichokes. Very hearty and satisfying dish of pasta.
Rosemary infused potatoes
Fried skinny courgette fries.

I would definitely recommend Grigilia. The ambiance was romantic, service friendly and the food very delicious!

Saturday lunch: Jerk chicken and rice n' beans. YUMM-O!!

We stopped at this Carribean jerk chicken restaurant in Chapel market for a quick and very cheap bite. My jerk chicken n rice was only 3 pounds (inc. a drink). I forgot how much I appreciate spicy and delicious Jamaican food :)

Late afternoon snack at Assa:,+London&cid=16499239970845492574

Seafood ramen with rice. This dish brings back memories of my childhood. I would always make ramen and then add in some rice after eating all the ramen noodles because the broth is just that good! :). T's bibimbap was sort of a letdown but we would definitely go back to try some other dishes.

Off to the Arsenal v. Birmingham city football match today w. a 3 course lunch and champagne reception. Woo hoo!!!  :-D

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