Wednesday, 23 February 2011

FC Bayern Munich FTW

I ran out of bagels so I made some wholewheat toast with some egg whites
Even though I don't like just the flavor of egg whites, this stuff is awesome. No more need to waste the yolk and deal with the mess of cracking open the egg and fish out the whites.
Some smoked salmon
and all together now..This breakfast fueled me through an outdoor circuit training session yesterday. We're down to the last final weeks of our program and MAN is it tough. I don't know yet how I feel about outdoor circuit training. Think 100 reps of all kinds of exercises ranging from mountain climbers, squat jumps, burpees, lunges, grasshoppers, ETC. If I ever need a reminder how out of shape I am, well this is it :)
Dinner yesterday: Bigham's shepards pie..

I also sauteed some asparagus and mushrooms in EVOO, salt n peppa.

Today was another outdoor session but this time in the rain....for two hours.. in the mud.. in Regent's park. Blergh. Someone shoot me now. Yea?
Lunch: I wanted something to warm me up. Any place that rhymes it's restaurant name sounds promising and authentic :P
I ordered the chinese noodles with shredded chicken and shrimp in a spicy and sour broth. Surprisingly, it was quite tasty.
Whey protein smoothie time. I topped it with a free sample that I got from my recent Ocado order. Oat's & More. The texture was very crunchy and it had a slight honey taste. Yum :)
Dinner and drinks at a proper German bar to watch a proper football match :o).  It was also a farewell dinner to a couple who are moving back to San Francisco after a short stay in London.
Pint o' prawns- these prawns were not very good. I was hoping for plump, big, juicy prawns but all we got were small prawns that had little eggs in the bodies of them that we had to peel back. Eeewwww.. I would lie and say I didn't eat them but I had my fair share of em.
Cheezburga and chips
When at a German pub, one must order wienerschnitzel aka breaded veal. It was good but I felt like I needed a dipping sauce with it. Spoken like a true American no?
FC Bayern Munich for the win!!
The crowd was going nuts everytime Germany had a potential goal but boy did they go crazy for that last shot in the final minute of the game. Ammmazzzing!!

Now that my body is aching from every possible joint and muscle....BED TIME!

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