Saturday, 12 February 2011

Delhi Grill

Smoked salmon and eggs whites on an onion bagel with a banana/crunchy peanut butter. This breakfast is full nutrients with protein from the egg whites, good fat peanut butter, omega 3's smoked salmon, and potassium with the banana.

That was yesterday's breakfast. I had a nutrition test yesterday and I **thankfully**think I passed that one. We only had 3 days to learn nutrtion and how it applies to our everyday lives and fitness. I definitely think we should have spent more time on the subject but unfortunately, since we're not going to be qualified to give out nutrition plans to our clients, 3 days was all that was allotted. I'll have to go back to 3 years of school for that. Food for thought I guess. 

Breakfast this morning before my run.
We've been learning in class that eating prior to working out (at least an 1 hour or more if possible before) is a good way to rev up your metabolism and provide you with the energy you need for your workout aka possibly burn more fat!! and boy do I need more of that fat burn. I'm beginning to see an extra layer of fat around my tummy from all my indulgences/vices :o)  

My run today was pretty brutal. I managed to do a total of 4 some odd miles but I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. I'm still a little sick and definitely out of shape. It felt good though to get back to running outside.
Lunch @ Delhi Grill. This Indian joint is near our flat and right in the heart of Chapel Market where all the hustle and bussle is. Cute interior with newspapers from India plastered on the walls and Indian hip hop/r&b playing in the background.
Dipping sauces. The colors of the two were fantastic. The beet sauce was my fav!
Mixed meat platter consisting of tender marinated pieces of chicken, lamb chops, and sheekh kebabs. The plate came out sizzling and did not disappoint in terms of flavor and texture.
Chicken Makhani
Okra- I needed some sort of veggie in the mix!!
Naan- For some reason this today tasted like pizza dough. Not that I'm complaining. Either way, it was delish.
I would definitely go back to Dehli Grill. The food was flavorful and super tender. The service was also pretty good for London standards. We got a pitcher of tap water AND the guy offered to fill it up when he saw that I was pouring the last glass. What a rarity :P

Throwback song of the day: Jagged Edge "Promise"

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