Monday, 10 January 2011

So it begins..

No one likes the first day back at class. So it begins.. the first day of the rest of my life advanced personal training. Yesterday was a rest and relaxation day. Some of yesterday's eats.
A revisit to Chop Chop
This little hole in the wall seriously has the best greasy chinese take out.
No one's saying its gourmet.
Chicken and corn soup on a cold winter's day.
Laksa coconut soup with fish cakes, prawn, and egg.
Such a yummy and filling soup!!

We also watched Gran Torino yesterday. 3 years too late but I'm glad we finally watched it. What a great movie!
Dinner: Quick dinner before salsa class :-D
Saute ingredients in EVOO
Add sauce and simmer
Peace out homies.

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