Saturday, 8 January 2011

Puurty in Pink

Pretty in Pink.
My feet look awfully veiny, no? They help me through my runs and all that dancing I've been doing. Poor feetsies. They really should have been pampered ages ago.
I casually sipped on some tea yesterday because I felt like I was coming down with something yet AGAIN. I awoke this morning with a really bad sore throat but I'm determined not to let it get the best of me this time.

While waiting for dinner, I snacked on some of these peanut thingamaboppers. Funny thing is, I was standing in front of Tesco's yesterday and this really nice woman started chatting to me and Sonoma. She ended up giving me these for Sonoma even though I kept telling her no. A bit weary of taking something from a stranger (maybe she thought I was a homeless kid with her dog in front of Tesco??), I made T try it first. :o) :o)  The flavor is quite interesting. You get a peanut taste at first but after a few seconds of chewing, there is a peanut butter flavor that intensifies. Innnnnnttteeeeresting....... but good!
Dinner: T was able to come home a bit early and make me dinner. I sat back and relaxed as he buzzed around the kitchen.
Kalamata olives w. feta cheese and baguette
w. a glass of Grenache. This wine tasted fabulous on its own.
T's take on burata with mozzerella and cottage cheese on a bed of homemade pesto. It was very delicious!
Goat cheese and oyster mushrooms wrapped in smoked salmon on top of a toasted baguette with truffle oil on top. Wowwowowoowwowowza. Such a great flavor combination.

Mbakbaka- pasta with lamb and middle eastern spices. It was nice to have some meat back in my life after my recent vegetarian lunches.

Dessert: Straight from Cadbury's and in MAH BELLY!!
We ate this while watching an episode of Top Chef. Did I mention how much I dig Tom Colicchio!?
Microwaved warm with toffee sauce on the bottom. Yuuum!

Breakfast this morning was a combination of the two cereals.
With some additional toppings on top.
I'm not kidding around. Neither is my husband as he made a trip to get me meds and vitamins. I'm going to be doped up on cold medicine!! :-D Kidding.. I would much rather feel 100% naturally than be loopy all day.
heh heh.

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