Friday, 21 January 2011

Egg whites

A revisit to Borough Market. This time around I didn't sample much but instead got a visual feast.
V got a couple delicious looking desserts from this stand. I was very tempted but decided against it. I shall be back though!!
Stopped in Monmouth for a cappuccino with *gasp* full fat milk. I was surprised they didn't have any skinny milk options. I'm assuming it has something to do with not compromising the flavor of their coffee. yadda yadda yadda. I know it tastes better with full fat milk but I just prefer to have the option aiiiiigght!!!
They did have a cute presentation of bread and jam on the communal table. I had trouble not wanting to sneak my hand in and grab a piece of bread. Who wouldn't?! I love french baguettes. Mmmm..
A nice walk around town w. a friend to wet our appetites and burn off that full fat coffee.
A cute alcove with a bunch of boats sitting at the dock.
It makes me want a boat!! much as I want the sun and warm weather again.
Sigh... its just a cold, windy day here in London. Donde esta el sol?!
This bread basket looks familiar..
We stopped in Strada for some lunch and a glass of wine over catch up time.
I had the mushroom risotto with chestnuts. It was warm, tasty, and satisfying.
V had the chicken with an olive and tomato mixture.

After lunch, I nursed my head with a nap. When I was dancing last night, a girl ran straight into the back of my head as I was being dipped. Stupid, drunk clumsy girl should have watched where she was going as I was dancing with my back to her and she was walking straight into me!! Grrr...

Dinner started with a cheese plate. We have sooo much cheese in our fridge. It has got to go!
T whipped up some yellow chicken/turkey curry with zucchini on the fly. I swear, I'm the clean and he's the cook!
The curry was delicious and had a nice kick to it. YUUUM!!

Breakfast was 2 egg whites and one whole egg scrambled. Egg whites are a good option because they only contain 17 calories and no fat or cholesterol.
Some leftover smoked salmon

All on top of whole wheat toast.

I'm listening to a bachata cd (love!!) trying to get myself psyched up for a run outside. It's freeezing but I haven't been running in forever and I'm craving that runner's high.


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