Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pizza pizza pizza

Lunch @ Pizza Express.
Garlic bread, a bit small but still cheesy and yummy!
Dough balls w. garlic butter. Cute, delicious, and fun to eat!
My funghi pizza. Lots of mushrooms with some garlic oil on top. Can you believe I finished one myself?! The crust was super thin (I swear!!)
T's pizza w. spinach, olives, parm, and an egg in the middle.
Quick stop at Gallipoli for a cappuchino & dessert. Shhh... they don't have skim milk!! Who doesn't have skim milk nowadays?!
Chocolate fudge cake w. pistachio ice cream. The cake was so moist and perfectly fudg-ey. Score! Another point for Gallipoli desserts. I can justify eating dessert because I ran for over an hour today around Regent's Park. Running outside is so much more enjoyable when the weather isn't deathly cold. LOVE IT!!

Lots and lots of salsa practice...followed by:

Chinese takeout for dinner:
Appetizer platter- all things just average
Egg chicken drop soup. Bland and flavorless. Soy sauce was definitely needed.
Shrimp noodles, salty and slurpable.
Pineapple fried rice w. the smallest chicken pieces I've ever seen in ma life! I'm not even sure it was chicken :o)
Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the best part: The duck!! I love duck wraps w. hoisin sauce. Mmmmm..!!

Morning's agenda: My YMCA practical assessment. YEEEP!!!! Those good stress endorphins are kicking in!!!

Song of the day: Nicki Minaj " Right thru me"

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